Every teacher coached.

Every student thrives.

The all-in-one employee improvement and retention platform for educators and trainers.


More than 3000 feedback sessions delivered across 12 states


How we do it

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Five Factors Assessment©

Every organization we support has different needs. Whether you represent a K12 school or district, higher education institution, or a corporation, our team of experts will assess your desired outcomes through interviews with your leadership. This assessment will explore how you measure the desired outcomes, what barriers are currently preventing your organization from reaching those outcomes, and the quantitative and qualitative impact of reaching the desired outcomes. This assessment will allow EdConnective to build a tailored solution that helps your organization reach its key performance indicators.


Instructional Coaching Playbook

Great schools need more than just a plan; they need a step-by-step playbook for executing instructional strategy. EdConnective incorporates the Five Factors Assessment, existing organizational data, and industry best practices to create a customized, comprehensive coaching playbook for your organization. This playbook is designed to be a living document that helps recipients of coaching and organizational leaders track progress, highlight opportunities, and deliver insights both during the intensive partnership and beyond.


Practice, Reflect, & Grow

Live Coaching©

EdConnective uses a proprietary coaching system that maximizes change in instruction through a specific protocol of coaching interactions, including time-stamped observational comments based on video of an educator’s instruction, an in-house interval training methodology, and a high-repetition practice model for feedback sessions. EdConnective instructional coaches go through our high-fidelity quality control process, while they are coaching teachers, to ensure alignment to the Practice, Reflect, & Grow system.


“I loved the data part from my coach. Going over the data and seeing how I grew each week was exciting. I loved that it was like a lesson. We did glows, then set a new goal and practiced each session.”

Megan, Gilman School


“I felt that having the opportunity to film my teaching and get specific, constructive feedback on my practice was invaluable. The more I worked with my coach the more I grew to take risks in my classroom knowing that I was supported and could grow from my experience.”

Jim, Fairbridge High School


“The classroom now breathes, oxygen flows, and practically every student shows a brighter attitude and more engaged behavior in class.”

Jane, Fairbridge High School


My coach walked me through a new strategy each week and I saw improvements in my next video! Now I want to video my class and ask for more help from colleagues when i need it. I wasn't getting better before because I couldn't see myself in action, and I needed this non-threatening objective eye to help me see.”

Jill, Princeton Academy