About Us

Our mission is to help teachers move from good to great so that every student has access to a highly effective teacher AND every teacher has access to a highly effective coach


Our mission is to ensure student success through transformative teacher training

First and foremost, our work is about students. Our coaching partnerships put student growth at the center of our work by focusing on student outcome goals. Our partnerships with teachers are about increasing student engagement, deep thinking, and content mastery.

We believe student success looks like students actively engaged throughout every lesson, including cognitive engagement where they are doing the heavy lifting of thinking and learning. Equity is at the core of student success: every student in every classroom every day deserves a safe, rigorous, loving, and challenging school environment. We support teachers in growing all components of student success, not only academic growth, but also social-emotional well-being.

Our work is about transformative classroom change. Often ideas from traditional professional development don’t stick in the classroom. Through EdConnective coaching, teachers build new habits that they continue to use long past the coaching partnership. We help teachers move from awareness about strategies and frameworks to successful and consistent implementation. Our friendly coaches celebrate classroom success with teachers and, with concrete classroom data, support teachers in their growth, one step at a time.

While students are at the heart of our work, we believe that highly-effective teachers are key for student success. We work with teachers on bite-sized, actionable strategies tailored specifically for their classrooms. Even our partnerships coaching school leaders and instructional coaches are centered around actionable and positive teacher growth. We welcome teachers as our partners and value teacher voice in each coaching session.

Our non-evaluative, supportive teacher training focuses on growth. Even the most successful musicians and athletes are challenged to growth through world-class coaching. Shouldn’t all teachers be coached as well, even the most successful? We believe likewise that even the very best teachers should get high-quality, individualized coaching throughout their career. EdConnective tailors training to the needs of each school - offering professional development, consulting, webinars, and even online courses through one of our partners - to maximize the benefits of coaching.

Our vision is that every teacher is coached and that every student thrives

Yes, every teacher. We often say that “School 1.0” is where every student has a teacher, and that “School 2.0” is where every teacher has a coach. Why? Successful, thriving teachers means successful, thriving students. We believe that every teacher, whether early in their career or more veteran, whether successful in impacting student outcomes or not, deserves a coach consistently throughout their career. We are all learners and need space to process, question, reflect and grow.

EdConnective coaching is high-quality, individualized professional development for teachers, coaches, and school leaders. Our coaching centers around these 5 principles:

Highly-focused: Each coaching meeting focuses on the one or few highest-leverage actions to grow quickly. We don’t give general feedback like “You need to work on your classroom management.”

Evidence-backed: Our coaching is based on concrete data collected from classroom observations. We collect data for both the “glow” and “grow” areas, and focus on both student and teacher actions. We work with teachers to see the patterns in the data in order to know how to move forward.

Practice-based: The best way to learn something new is not just to hear about it, but to actually do it. Teachers get the opportunity to try out new skills with the support of coach by practicing right in the coaching meeting.

Student-centered: At the core of each coaching partnership, we create a student outcome goal to ensure that coaching impacts not only teacher growth, but also student growth as well.

Highly-accountable: In order to follow-through on goals and new strategies, our coaches follow-up coaching with classroom observations, additional resources, and reflection questions.


Our Story

EdConnective was created to increase access to a highly impactful form of teacher support. Our mission is to help teachers move from good to great so that every student has access to a highly effective teacher AND every teacher has access to a highly effective coach. 

With EdConnective, every school and every teacher can have low-cost access to high-quality coaching.